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April 25th, 2004

12:30 am
Warded half-heartedly.Collapse )
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April 24th, 2004

03:38 pm - Open RP at the Three Broomsticks
Padma sits alone at their...her favorite seat at the popular Broomsticks café. A tall frothy glass of butterbeer slid between her hands as she pushed it back and forth in a useless display of idle behavior. At least, that's what she would have called it. Also on the table was a copy of the Herald.

She had been reading the Horoscopes over and over again until she had memorized it. The silly thing. Parvati couldn't have made it more obvious that she was talking about her in her Gemini reading. The rest was so ...juvenile. "Don't touch something hot or you might get burned." Really, Parvati. Next she'll be warning people to wash their knickers or else they'll smell. And that gossip column? The idea that two teachers, especially Professor Tonks, would just up and leave work to run away and elope was ludicrous!


Stop for a moment. Why was she getting so short with her sister lately? They had always been close as children, but now... She had her friends, her hobbies her likes, and Padma had her own. She was Gryffindor, Padma Ravenclaw. The Sorting Hat makes no mistakes. They were different; too different. Padma wondered if perhaps that's why she's been so short with Parvati; she wanted them to be alike again.

It could go either way of course. Padma could become some flighty fashion-bird who believes in star-signs and other nonsense. If it'd bring them closer...

No...that's not acceptable. She should change. She'd be better off.

Or...well, she was here alone after-all. Not like it mattered, but maybe Parvati-

Padma laughed ruefully and took a swig of her butterbeer. It tasted nice, so she would concentrate on that. Maybe she'll order some pumpkin juice too. Yes, good.
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April 23rd, 2004

03:30 pm - So bothersome
Thank Rowena's wisdom it's the weekend, or at least close to it. I have been steadily becoming more and more irritated during this week. What's most frustrating is that I can't really do anything about the cause of my frustrations. They're either in my own House, dead, or are family.

Warded from Trelawney, Parvati and LavenderCollapse )

I'm going to the Three Broomsticks this weekend. Anybody want to come with me?
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April 22nd, 2004

01:41 am
They say that Charms cast by a mighty wizard exist long after the caster has died. They also say that the Sorting Hat never makes errors. I'm have my doubts on that. Could be the Hat needs a bit of a tune-up.

Warded Private, but Ward can be broken. Padma will know if you break it and don't tell her.Collapse )

Suddenly I don't feel much like studying. Some rest for the weary. ~sigh~
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April 20th, 2004

01:02 am
Congratulations on getting the lead of the play, Vati. A silly little Muggle play that nobody cares about.
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12:40 am - Private
Easter was fine. That Parvati, jumping up and down for a chocolate egg like that. Those things are bad for you. Sure they're sweet, sweet, tasty, nice...but they're fattening. I like to eat healthy. But then she just swooped in and took mine. Humph.

We haven't talked a lot lately. I'm feeling a little distant. It makes me wonder about the future. I'm a little worried...I don't know. Scared, I guess. Maybe.
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